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Learn about the impact your lifestyle is having on your health

As a company, our VISION is to transform futures, improve lives and enrich communities but that is not only for the student-athlete. We intend to help everyone in the sports family, including the parents. There is nothing that we can do that would be more important or more impactful on the lives of our student-athletes than to improve the health, fitness and nutrition of their parents.  

Our patented IDAssessment is based on thousands of medical and scientific studies and uses over 5,470 algorithms to process the information that you provide to formulate an IDHealth Score and IDReport that is completely customized to you!

Watch this video to learn about HOW our IDHealth Assessments work so you will understand WHY you must do it now....not only for you, but for your family!

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post-workout recovery

For athletes, Critical Reload is a great-tasting, complete recovery solution because of its 2:1 pairing of carbohydrates and proteins. The pairing of these nutrients enhance muscle recovery and restores energy better than consuming each nutrient individually. As a result, Critical Reload helps you recover faster and kick-start your next workout into high gear!

Athletes must be extremely careful about what they put into their bodies. Critical Reload’s vigilant product testing and certification will never compromise athlete health and safety. Critical Reload has adopted the Informed-Choice testing and certification program to provide the highest level of assurance possible that our products are free of banned and/or illegal substances.

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When you are thirsty, you’re already slightly dehydrated, and your body is lacking the water it needs to function properly. Hydrate delivers a carefully researched blend of vital electrolytes, antioxidants, MCT’s, vitamins and minerals to protect the body from the harmful effects of dehydration.*

Hydrate is a blend of essential minerals and electrolytes that is safe for both children and adults. It provides all of the essential nutrients without the added sugar and is naturally sweetened with Stevia. The Fruit Punch flavor consists of cherry, berry and pineapple. The Mango Passion flavor consist of mango and passion fruit, while the Grape Flavor consists of grape.

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personalize Training & nutrition with dna testing

Stop wasting time and spending your hard earned money on diets and exercise programs that don't work. IDLife has a simple and better way to achieve your health and fitness goals.

With your Nutrition & Fitness genetics results, we can connect the dots of your genetic makeup with recommended diet and lifestyle choices to create a truly personalized nutrition and fitness program designed just for you.

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nutrition that young student-athletes need

Kids, like adults, are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals due to a number of contributing factors. To address these nutritional gaps, IDLife has developed a fun and great tasting chewable packed with 24 vitamins and minerals designed just for kids.

Kids Probiotic contains a carefully chosen combination of some of the most scientifically researched probiotic strains available. Formulated with fast melt technology, this delicious powder is individually packaged in a fun and easy to pour stick pack. Just rip the top off and enjoy!

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*v2.0 is only for clubs enrolled between 8/1/2020 - 10/1/2020 and designated schools.
^v3.0 is only for clubs enrolled after 1/1/2021. Access for athletes and parents is via mobile app only.