Use the calendar function to build schedules per grade or class and set reminders about upcoming activities, tests, or quizzes.
Use pre-built K-12 lesson plans provided by ACES Nation or build your own within workout and program builder functions. Assign these plans to students for at-home access.
The "questions" function and questionnaire builder allow the flexibility to administer tests and quizzes from anywhere, or gain insight with questions regarding student welfare.
Accountability is a necessity for student success. Teachers can track engagement through reporting and parents can check in on student improvement with their own account.
School administrators and teachers have the option to use the web to plan, schedule, and communicate. Students and parents can access via tablet or mobile device.

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aces nation connect

ACES Nation Connect is a software application with an innovative approach to Physical Education and Social Emotional Learning (SEL); providing all the tools necessary for teachers to have a meaningful and consistent impact on students!

Schedule & plan

Calendars for building out lesson plans and content that complies with National Standard Grade Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education.

assess knowledge

Our custom question function allows educators the ability to create questionnaires, quizzes, and tests. Reporting functionality creates the ability to gather responses in an organized and efficient manner.

Weight Training

Custom strength lesson plans for physical education teachers designed to cover weightlifting, general fitness, plyometrics, stretching and mobility, conditioning, and MORE!

Physical Education

Programming designed to help improve student performance on physical education testing.

Data Collection

Track, monitor, and measure student performance and engagement.


The ability to request content free libraries to build out your school’s content and upload videos.

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Using

Create Uniformity & Detect Imbalances

With the ability to track activity, progress and results, principals and school administrators can use the reporting function to gather data about their Physical Education programs by school, grade, class or even down to the individual student level.


Create Experiences that Enhance Learning

With PE curriculum based on the National Standards and K-12 grade-level outcomes, teachers can create their lesson plans, plan class schedules and assign trackable lessons to students. Students will access tests/quizzes, generated by their teachers within our "Survey Question" tool, from a tablet or mobile device.


Complete SEL Program

ACES Nation has partnered with AIM Higher to offer a complete SEL program.

Aim Higher is an 8 module social emotional learning program for school districts that incorporates stories, videos, audio podcasts, character cards, activities, and physical activity for kids. The social emotional content lessons in each module are taught through the childhood stories of a young girl from a tiny, rural town in McLain, Mississippi. She was the 16th born of 20 children. The principles and lessons she learned as a child are what drove her to become a world class hero and Olympic Champion.

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Support for Your Athlete’s Goals

Parents can stay in touch with coaches, help athletes stay on track with workouts, and get updates on the team schedule within the app.